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Design Evolution

The geodesic dome — is an effective carrier system, discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, which soon became widely spread throughout the world and entered the history of architecture as one of the easiest and most material-saving solutions for sheltering spaces of various scales.

Only large structures built on this principle, installed more than 300'000, not to mention the set of prototypes and constructions.

The arched elements of the frame bring the ArkDome geodomes closer to the ideal spherical shape as the structure's strength increases, revealing to them a new architecture aesthetics.

Lightweight minimalistic design of the shelter is combined with any landscape, allowing you to enjoy the unity with the habitat while maintaining a high level of safety and comfort.

Photos by Jean-Luc Laloux

Scope of application

When it comes to the futuristic design of the object, first of all there are images of pure nature with beautiful landscapes, among which the spaceship hung alone.

Outside, through the transparent shell, you can see the beauty and comfort of the interior space, which remains so regardless of the purpose — like a lecture hall with a library, a hall for classes or events, an atmospheric restaurant or a residential bungalow.

Omni-purpose geometry of arkDomes can also be harmoniously integrated into urban landscape, including the transformation of industrial zones into creative clusters with modern architectural solutions.

Space for events

arkDomes are designed considering that the quality of the meeting place is an important part of the event. Stylish and quick-build solution is ideal for rental, corporate presentations, business meetings, private parties and other events. Suitable for placement on concrete, asphalt, paving slabs, lawn or any surface, even where the foundation is not provided. Being a high-tech product, arkDomes are easy to assemble and transport, are assembled in a few hours as a prefab-kit and do not require special skills. For each model comes with available instructions and a set of drawings.

All objects is designed in its own unique manner with different combinations of shell, window elements, entrance and floor covering, creating flexible conditions for the development of the author's interior.

(matele.be video) — Resto éphémère Ursule Et Petula


Superstable structure

Geodesic dome is the embodiment of one of the most durable and stable structures, opened by human. The symmetrical network of triangles ensures uniform distribution of the load between all elements of the structure.

Mobility and compactness

The main advantage that makes arkDomes real "earthships". They can freely navigate geo-space, landing at any desired point, and then set off again. The compactness of the construction will allow you to transport "movable property" in a small trailer or truck.

Geometry configuration

The modular structure of the arkDome opens a field for experiments with geometry and design. Some parts can be completely replaced without losing the integrity of the structure, replace the arrangement of doors and windows, combine transparent and closed parts of the cover.


The constructions are made of bioneutral materials, do not require a heavy foundation and leave no traces of impact.

Models in catalog


arkDomes are made of high-strength materials, resistant to strong climatic influences, and can be used all year round. It is a natural combination of rational and aesthetic architectural solutions, where functional parts are at the same time a decor.

Frame: LVL-timber. High-strength wood material made of glued veneer, which is actively used in the objects of modern architecture, and in particular — load-bearing structures.

Connectors: Steel connectors for different sizes of structures (in some cases, connectors are designed specifically for the necessary requirements, dictated by the characteristics of strength and the selected type of structure). Connectors are designed for quick and easy assembly, with double coating: galvanized and powder painting.

Covering: the сombined cover consists of two types of shells: architectural textiles and a transparent part of the PVC-glazing. The shell of PVC-fabric is welded into a whole thing, which allows you to save on additional means of sealing (fabric is available in a wide color palette).


  1. Frame
    • LVL-timber beams with yacht varnish protection;
    • Connectors and hardware made of galvanized and painted steel;
    • The lower base and small arcs from a steel profile pipe.

  2. Cover
    • French non-combustible architectural textile Dickson;
    • TPU film glazing walls and monolith polycarbonate;
    • Cover tensioner system and all necessary hardware.

Installation time: 8–12 hours / 3–5 people
(depends on the selected model and final configuration)

WILDS Kitchen by The Greyhound (Stockbridge, UK)


arkDomes — new technological line of geodomes with arched frame geometry, developed by the design bureau «Geosota» in 2019.

DB GeosotaPDF — team of Russian architects, engineers and builders, who have been researching the most efficient and stable structural systems since 2010 — geodesic domes and their accompanying forms.

We have gone from the smallest and simplest constructions (greenhouses, gazebos, houses) to huge technological structures like planetariums and public pavilions.


  • Design: objects, construction tasks, preparation of drawings, instructions and schemes.
  • Production: connectors, frames, covers and other ready-to-assemble kits.
  • Consulting: during construction, assistance in solving technical issues.
  • Assembly: various constructions, the team of builders, installation supervision.

We are ready to provide support and assistance at all stages of construction from the conceptual idea to implementation. And we are always happy to joint new interesting revolutionary projects in design and lifestyles.



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